Twisted Pepper Co.
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Ellie Hughes Founder of Twisted Pepper Co.

Twisted Pepper began in 2005 when friends and family convinced me I need to sell my Salsa because it was the best they ever tasted.

I went to our local farmers market in Wichita KS and tested my salsa on customers, it was a hit. I wondered what else I could make. I had an idea that would be a flavor sensation for others to experience. From that spark of inspiration, I came up with 4 dip mixes, 4 BBQ Rubs Seasonings and to my surprise, they all sold very well.

That was my start on creating more products. Today I have 21 dips mixes, 22 soups mixes, 12 BBQ rubs, 5 Tex-Mex Seasonings, 10 Seasonings Blends.

I wanted to produce products, that not only tasted Delicious but was low sodium and all natural. My recipes reflect on how I cook at home, no chemicals, no preservatives, no MSG and gluten free.

My love of cooking is an outlet for creativity. It’s like being a kid again when you get to explore and use your imagination. I love creating new recipes and products.

I enjoy making today’s cooking fast and easy and helping busy people learn how to create quick and easy delicious meals.

My friends and family love being the beneficiaries of my food exploration projects .

Signature spices twisted to Perfection:
Each recipe and is tried and tested before becoming part of the Twisted Pepper Family of Products. Made In Kansas

All Natural: All of my products and recipes are all natural and healthy, keeping gourmet cooking easy and delicious. No MSG,No Preservatives, No Animal Fat, Low Sodium, Gluten Free, they way it should be. I offer a fuller and more balanced taste without the excess use of salt or artificial flavors.

My Commitment to you: My signature recipes are what makes Twisted Pepper different. I select the finest & freshest ingredients to offer the riches flavors and best value to my customers. Twisted Pepper family of products are simple to prepare and unmatched in Gourmet taste. People love my products and you will too.