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No MSG, Gluten Free
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Texas Brisket Rub 5 oz Salmon/Fish Chile Rub .5 oz Spinach Artichoke Dip Mix
Grillin' Just Got Better with this blend of Chiles and Texas Spices. BBQ Made Simple!
Taste the orange peels, sea salt, fresh spices!

Texas Steak Rub ICT Steak Rub Pork BBQ Rub
Pig Sweat BBQ Rub 5 oz
Our Price: $8.00
Texas Steak Rub Delivers Flavour you will be braggin' about. ICT Steak Rub Delivers Flavor you will be braggin' about.
A Taste of Wichita
Grillin' Just Got Better with our Pig Sweat BBQ Seasoning Rub!
Jalapeno Cheddar Dip Mix ICT Brisket Rub 5 oz Crazy About Dill Dip Mix

Grillin' Just Got Better with this blend of Twisted Spices!
BBQ Made Simple!

Why Choose Twisted Twisted Pepper Co.

All of our products are our Signature Recipes Twisted to Perfection. We offer easy to prepare Dip Mixes and Soup Mixes, BBQ Rubs, Italian and Tex-Mex Seasonings. We have always believed in low sodium, which offers a fuller flavor, No MSG, because it's not natural, gluten free, we prefer corn starch over white flour, low sugar, because you can always add if you like, we love the taste of spices the natural way.