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As an owner of Twisted Pepper Co. I am very concerned about the CDC guidelines today. I take this serious and I am doing my part as an owner and an individual.

I would like to inform you that I take all the necessary steps to provide products that you can trust that are made in a properly sanitized environment. 

I have a several links that I found helpful and answered a lot of questions.


Thank you to all the First Respondents! We cannot thank enough! 

Let's do our part to help them, Stay home!

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Tuscan Roasted

Garlic Seasoning

Eat more Veggies in 2020

Grilling Veggies is the way to Great Tasting Veggies. Use your favorite oil and veggies, Twisted Pepper Tuscan Roasted Garlic Seasoning = Place in baggie and coat all veggies well.

Fire up the Grill and grill until desired doneness! Enjoy!!!

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Just Grill It

3 Pack BBQ Rubs

Smokin' & Jokin

3 Pack BBQ Rubs

Fire Up

3 Pack BBQ Rub

Signature Recipes Twisted to Perfection!
Bringing Family & Friends

Together to Eat Well


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Our products are quick & easy to make, healthy & flavorful

No MSG, Gluten Free
Low & Light Sodium & Vegan Friendly

Taste like melted chicken enchiladas Broccoli Cheddar Soup Mix by Twisted Pepper Creamy Potato Soup, Taste like Baked Potatoes in a Soup Mix
Baked Potato Soup Mix
Our Price: $7.00
Melted Enchiladas in a Soup Mix!
Absolutely the Best!
Rich, Creamy, Flavorful!
Hot & Comforting
Thick & Creamy
Why Choose Twisted Twisted Pepper Co.

All of our products are our Signature Recipes Twisted to Perfection. We offer easy to prepare Dip Mixes and Soup Mixes, BBQ Rubs, Italian and Tex-Mex Seasonings. We have always believed in low sodium, which offers a fuller flavor, No MSG, because it's not natural, gluten free, we prefer corn starch over white flour, low sugar, because you can always add if you like, we love the taste of spices the natural way.